About this Web Site

Trailhead Web Design is a web design and web hosting company focused on creating and maintaining exciting, dynamic and interactive web sites for businesses and organizations. We are located in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Trailhead Web Design is committed to quality design and innovative techniques at a fair price. We are also committed to educating the small business owner and organization leaders to the advantages of establishing a presence on the world wide web.

Our design team is able to respond to our customers needs in a personalized and professional manner. We offer a full range of service including basic web page creation and maintenance to extensive web sites development. Our services include e-commerce, email management, screensavers, multimedia CD-ROMs, domain name registration, desktop themes, graphic design, original digital music creation, digital photography and video production and local community classes. We use cutting edge software and technologies such as Flash, RealAudio and QuickTime to produce some of the most exciting web sites on the internet.

If you have a question about this web site, web hosting or domain name, please email us at webdesign@trailhead.com or visit our web site.